About Me

Why I set up this blog

I decided to set up this blog since becoming a leopard gecko owner to share the knowledge I have gained, and to help other people decide if owning a leopard gecko is the right decision for them.

There is a lot of misinformation around leopard gecko ownership, and all of the information can be baffling to someone just beginning their research. For example, I am particularly distressed by the amount of pet stores pushing sand substrates to increase their own profits, which many new owners will not question. Not only are these not cost effective for owners, they are also very dangerous to your pets.

My Geckos

I currently own two healthy and tame leopard geckos; a male (Charizard) and a female (Nim). This blog will not contain a lot of information around breeding, as I simply do not know enough, and have no intention to breed my geckos, but hopefully it is a good starting point for anybody considering buying these beautiful pets for the first time.

I have wanted some leopard geckos since childhood, and since I bought my own apartment at the beginning of the year, there was nobody stopping me from keeping reptiles and their live food in my home!

Becoming a Gecko Owner

Once I decided I was ready to buy them, I did all my research (or so I thought – there was still so much to learn!) bought my vivarium and equipment, and found a breeder on Gumtree, who was happy to talk to me on the phone, answer any questions etc. We then arranged for me to go and meet her the next day to see the geckos. I initially only wanted one, but fell in love with two of them, so I left her house with two baby leos.

Here’s Charizard (yes, I named him after a Pokemon). He was born on May 13th 2017. I’m not an expert on Leopard Gecko morphs, but after reading online I am quite confident that he’s a tremper albino, or something similar. He looks a little more pale than usual here as he was about to shed his skin.

Baby leopard gecko

This one is called Nim, she was born on June 13th 2017, so is exactly a month younger than Charizard, and I think she could possibly be a mack snow morph.

leopard gecko care

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