About Me

I have decided to set up this blog since becoming a leopard gecko owner to share the knowledge I have gained, and to help other people decide if owning a leopard gecko is the right decision for them.

There is a lot of misinformation around leopard gecko ownership, and all of the information can be baffling to someone just beginning their research. For example, I am particularly distressed by the amount of pet stores pushing sand substrates to increase their own profits, which many new owners will not question. Not only are these not cost effective for owners, they are also very dangerous to your pets.

I currently own two healthy and tame leopard geckos; a male (Charizard) and a female (Nim), and I am looking into breeding them in the future. This blog will not contain a lot of information around breeding, as I simply do not know enough, but hopefully it is a good starting point for anybody considering buying these beautiful pets for the first time.

As a relatively new leopard gecko owner myself, I do not claim to know everything, but this blog is to offer my advice, opinions, and things I have learned along the way- hopefully stopping somebody making the same mistakes as I did when I first bought my two geckos.

Thank you for stopping by on my site!

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