Media Pack

I am a London-based marketing professional with a love of leopard geckos and a passion for sharing my knowledge about these pets.

I am open to discussing partnership opportunities, if they are on-brand, ethical and relevant to what my readers and followers are interested in, such as:

  • Equipment reviews
  • Feeder insect reviews
  • Reptile-related gift ideas
  • Social media posts
  • Competition promotions

Most of my site visitors come from Google, searching for specific gecko related queries, and view an avg. of 3.5 pages per session. With 10k+ followers on Instagram, I can add URL links to my stories, which can help drive traffic to your site.

Guideline Costs
I am open to discussion, depending on your objectives:

2x Instagram/ Twitter posts: £20
Either a feed post, or an Instagram story with a link to your website/page

1x Website post/ product review: £20
Plus the product to test if applicable

Instagram10.4k Followers
Twitter453 Followers