Price Guide

Prices are calculated in GBP but can be payable via any currency using PayPal.

The measurements here are in squared centimeters.

For example, a vivarium measuring 60cm x 40cm = 2,400 squared centimeters, so it would be the size S and cost £25. I can help you with this if you get stuck 🙂

SizeVivarium Size (Squared centimeters)Price (excl postage)
S2,000 – 3,000£25
M3,001 – 4,000£30
L4,001 – 5,000£35
XL5,001 – 6,000£40
XXL6,001 – 7,000£45

Postage and packaging costs from the UK (Royal Mail postal service)

Postage costs will vary depending on the weight of your package, and which country I am sending it to. Here’s a quick guide based on the sizes I listed above, I may be able to send it cheaper, but this will not be tracked so you’ll have less security. We can discuss this when you email me!


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