Collapsible Reptile Terrarium 24 Gallon


  • Measures 24 x 16 x 16 inches and is approximately 24 Gallons
  • Built in light sockets for uvb and heat bulbs
  • Independent on/off switches to control the bulbs
  • Made from high grade quality materials, Not intended for use with under tank heaters
  • Lightweight and portable, works great as a reptile travel carrier

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Our collapsible reptile terrarium for sale is revolutionary and assembles in minutes. It is made from sturdy, high grade plastics and glass making it very light and easy to transport. The terrarium has two ventilated plastic sides and two top locking screen lids. This reptile tank also features two built in light bulb sockets with independent on and off switches, which eleminates the needs for any adtional dome lamps saving you money. These light sockets are perfect for supporting our UVB bulbs and our basking lights. Our collapsible reptile terrarium for sale is an all inclusive unit that can be fully fitted with our other reptile supplies and accessories.

The terrarium is 24 inches wide, 16 inches deep and is 16 inches tall. It is approximatly 24 gallons and makes a great starter cage for both tortoises and lizards. Those looking for plastic reptile terraium are sure to love this products as well as any looking for portable terrarium.

Note: Not intended for use with under tank heating pads.

Reptile Terrarium Specs

  • Measures 24x16x16 inches
  • Approximately 24 Gallons
  • Ideal use is with basking reptiles such as tortoises and lizards.

Reptile Tank Features and Benefits

  • Built in light sockets for UVB and heat bulbs
  • Independent switches to control the bulbs
  • Made from high grade materials
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Detailed directions included

You may also want to take a peek at our reptile supplies. We have a nice offereing of hides, water bowls, vines and other terrarium decor. You will even find food and feedings supplies. We have everything you need to setup up the perfect reptile terrarium for your scale baby. Rest assured our products are of the best quality as reflected in our verified customer reviews. When you shop from us, you are getting Quality, Service and Selection!

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