Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb 100 Watt


  • Creates Basking Spot and Broad Daylight Spectrum
  • Aids In Thermoregulation – Stimulates Natural Behaviors
  • Increases Ambient Air Temperature
  • 4 Inches Base to Tip – Fits Standard Sockets
  • Free 30 Day Returns – Satisfaction Guarantee

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Our 100-watt reptile heat lamp bulb is the perfect and necessary accessory for any high heat reptile enclosure. This 100-watt basking light is ideal for medium to large sized terrariums meant to house desert species.

Our 100 watt basking light is made under the same strict guidelines as our reptile UVB lights. Use them together to creat the perfect heating and lighting pairing for desert species.

This reptile basking bulb is best for twenty to thirty-gallon sized terrariums. Use this bulb for the following reptile pets: lizards such as bearded dragons and collard lizards. Monitors like the Savannah monitor and ridge tailed monitors.

If you are searching for a long lasting, highly functional reptile heating lamp at a competitive price this is the bulb for you.

Aside from the correct diet and bedding, the proper temperature and lighting are the two most essential parts of a perfect reptile setup. Pet owners that have tropical species please use our 75 watt reptile heat lamp for best results.

Pro tip: Always buy an extra 100-watt reptile heat lamp bulb. So, if you face any bulb issues your reptile pet is not left in the cold!

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