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AMA – ask your leopard gecko questions here

If you have questions on anything leopard gecko-related, then please ask away in the comments below.

I was getting so many questions through my contact form; they are often very similar and take quite a lot of time to reply to individually, so by publishing your questions in the comment section here, you’ll be able to get the answer you need and also see what others have asked 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a vet, just a leopard gecko owner who wants to share knowledge with other owners. If you believe your leopard gecko is seriously unwell, then please seek veterinary care and advice.


    1. I have only used crickets once for my geckos, and I found them smelly and noisy. My geckos didn’t even seem very interested in them, so I didn’t bother buying them again 😂

      There are different types of crickets (I think I got the silent brown ones) so I’ll have to try some of the others and then do a proper review. L

      At the moment I haven’t used them enough to give a comprehensive enough review 😊


  1. Informative blog, do you keep your feeder of mealworms over the heating pad or in a cooler section? My gecko doesn’t seem to have much interest in mealworms that are left for him to have at his leisure. They also don’t seem to be very active when in the dish so he doesn’t have any interest. Any suggestions. One last question I read somewhere that his tail should be as wide as his body,do you agree with this?


    1. I keep them on the warmer side if possible, but my geckos often don’t show interest if they’re just left in a feeding bowl. I sometimes have to use tweezers to feed them – it makes the worms wiggle more and they seem to care a little bit more.
      Also I try to feed them on more than just mealworms – they seem to prefer morioworms over mealworms anyway. But also mixing their diet with things like Dubai roaches or locusts can help.
      Eventually their tails will end up about the same width as their body in a healthy adult gecko yes 😊


    1. Kind of… once per month they will turn pale and look a bit spooky just before they shed their skin. This is normal.
      Also their patterns develop from when they’re babies through to when they reach adult size


  2. We got my gecko about a week ago and she has spent all her time in her humid hide, we have barely seen her ear anything and haven’t seen any poop come up. Some people said she might be shedding but we saw very tiny skin flakes when we got her and no new signs of shedding in the past week so we assume she was just finishing a shed. Im just not sure how to get her to come out and eat/poop without forcing her out since she’s kind of new still


    1. As she has only been with you for one week, I am not too worried about her not eating – this is normal in the first week or so while your gecko settles in.
      Is your moist hide in the warm or cool area of her tank? I am wondering if maybe you would benefit from adjusting your thermostat temperature slightly; if the hide is in the cool side of your tank, maybe your gecko is finding the warm side a little too warm (and vice versa if it’s situated in the warm side currently).
      I used to worry that my gecko wasn’t leaving its hide/ eating, so I bought a Wifi camera – I wrote a post on it here. This may help you if you could buy one and then you can spy on your gecko at night: https://leopardgecko.care/2019/06/03/how-to-spy-on-your-leopard-gecko/


  3. I’ve had my leopard gecko for just over a month now, and in the past week they’ve been getting really comfortable with handling… in fact, we went from me just putting my hand in the cage and them sniffing it for about 3 weeks, to them readily climbing on to it every day for almost the past week! In fact, it almost seems like they WANT to climb on, because every time I’ve opened the top of the enclosure or am putting in my hand to feed, my gecko seems disinterested in the food and more with climbing on. As fun as this is, I’m a bit worried because my gecko hasn’t been paying any attention to the mealworms I’ve been trying to feed — they’ve been a pretty good eater for the past few weeks, eating mealworms most days and crickets a couple times a week, but in the last couple days they’ve become disinterested. Should I be worried?


  4. To top it off, when it comes to handling, they’ve gotten very adventurous about jumping off, and it’s very scary! It’s happened a few times now from various heights, and for the most part they’ve seemed okay, but I was super worried yesterday because when I put my gecko back into their enclosure, they started licking their arm and almost flinching whenever they put pressure on it, and one of their back legs was twitching weirdly. This went a way after a bit and they seem to be fine and moving normally today, but still worried about this continuing to happen and my gecko hurting themselves!


  5. Since his last shed our Gecko has suddenly stopped eating his mealworms so often. He used to eat about 5/6 each night (he’s 4 months old) but now he’s been leaving about 3 days inbetween feeds! Also he has been spending most of his time in his cool hide.Should we be worried?
    Regards Debbie


    1. As they get older they eat less, and when they reach adolescence and adulthood they do get lazier, their metabolism slows and they will probably only eat 2-3 times per week.
      Just keep an eye on him – if he’s eating a few times per week, maintaining weight and pooping normally, I wouldn’t worry.
      If he’s spending a lot of time in his cool hide, maybe it would be worth lowering the heat mat temperature ever so slightly and see if he changes his behaviour over the next week. Maybe he’s finding his warm side a little too hot.
      If he then starts spending more time in his warm hide, then that will possibly improve his appetite and energy levels.
      Sometimes it really is trial and error with them.
      I have definitely found that adjusting the temperature of the heat mat can help – so hopefully this will help you too!


  6. Is it possible that a leopard gecko just doesn’t want to be handled? I’ve had my gecko for over two years and in that time, no matter how I approached taming him, he simply refused to buy into it. Overall, he’s healthy, and there have been no drastic changes to his tank. I always assumed that he was more of a “lone wolf” where he didn’t want to be disturbed unless it was for food. He seems happy like this, but it’s always bothered me cause I was aware of how friendly Leos can be.


    1. My honest opinion is that no leopard geckos WANT to be handed, sadly. I try to trick myself into thinking they enjoy it, but I honestly think they prefer being solitary in their hides, as they are solitary beings in the wild.
      I just think some deal with being handled much better than others – My male is more compliant when I handle him than my female is.
      So yes it’s entirely possible 🙂


  7. What would have caused my gecko to have a film on half of his eye, he keeps his eye closed when he is in his tank. I am concerned.


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