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Leopard Gecko Lover Gift Ideas

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If you have a special person in your life who loves leopard geckos, if you want to spruce up your vivarium with some festive decor, or even if you just fancy treating yourself, then look no further… after all the festive season is just around the corner!

Leopard Gecko PJs

What better way to spend the winter months than lounging around in leopard gecko PJs?

I bought some of these myself from Cafe Press (I linked to my exact set which cost £44.50) but their website has so many other styles to choose from!

Leopard Gecko T-shirts

If you’d like something a little cheaper (Cafe Press can be a little pricey, although it’s always great to support smaller businesses where you can!)

Amazon do a great deal of leopard gecko apparel such as this Leopard Gecko Shirt for only £14.99!

This is great to wear during the day, but could also be used as nightwear if you purchased it in a loose enough fit. It comes in multiple colours too!

Leopard Gecko Stickers

There are so many places to put stickers; whether its on notebooks, on laptops, water bottles or even on your gecko’s vivarium! Stickers also make a fantastic stocking filler, are something that can be slotted into a greetings card, and can be used to decorate gifts and presents.

These leopard gecko stickers from Amazon are £14.04, so they are a little bit on the pricey side for what you get (five stickers) but I just love the cute wording and typography used. Alternatively Amazon have a different style of stickers for £10.99 and they come in a set of three!

Leopard Gecko Notebook

This notebook is wonderful if you’re buying for a school-aged recipient – “sorry my leopard gecko ate my homework” is genius!

It has 120 pages of graph paper (5x5mm squares on a white paper background) and measures 6×9 inches so is perfect size to carry around in a bag.

What’s more, it’s only £5.34 so is perfect for a stocking filler or secret santa gift as it will not break the bank!

Leopard Gecko Baubles

I came across these flat leopard gecko baubles and fell in love – they actually look quite chic so I have purchased some myself for the mini Christmas tree on my desk.

You can purchase them in either clear acrylic or mirrored (I have linked to the acrylic ones) and there is a cute leopard gecko image engraved into it. They come in a set of two (£5.99 for the set), so it would look great having a mixture of each style.

Christmas Vivarium Decorations

A hack I learned a while ago is that aquarium decorations are also great for vivariums – they are usually made from plastic or resin, so are safe for geckos and are very easy to clean.

If you feel like decorating your leopard gecko’s home in time for the festive season, how about buying some aquarium holiday decorations?

These festive decorations are £11.94 for a set of four, and they are small enough to fit into most enclosures!

Other stocking filler suggestions….

Here is an Amazon store I created with a few more leopard gecko-related gift ideas to quickly browse 😊

I hope you enjoyed my present suggestions, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a couple of years now as I have gifted myself so many cute leopard-gecko related things over the years (nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while!)

Did I miss anything? Have you been bought any lizard-related gifts that you think others would like to hear about? If so, drop me a comment below 🙂

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