How much do Leopard Gecko spots change over time?

How much do Leopard Gecko spots change over time?

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When your leopard gecko is a baby, it will shed its skin around twice per month, and with each shed their spots/ pattern will develop (unless you have a pattern-less morph).

As they get older, sheds will reduce to about once per month due to them growing at a slower rate, and their pattern-change will be less obvious.

Here’s how my leopard geckos’ spots developed over the first few months of their lives, and I am sorry in advance for the quality of photos, my camera wasn’t as good back then 🙂

6 weeks old
First day I got her!


7 weeks old
Already more spotty – look at the grey areas!


9 weeks old
Even more spots now, and they are bigger and darker!


2 years old
Development was a lot slower after she was a couple of months old, but you can see how much more spotty she is after 2 years. She has lost a lot of her white/ grey colouring and is mainly black and yellow now.


6 weeks old
First day I got him


7 weeks old
Not a lot of change in the first week for this guy


9 weeks old
Still not too much change, but the yellow has spread down onto his tail a bit more, and overall he looks darker


14 weeks old
The orange has spread down his tail more, and the white band that was around his neck is now yellow. Overall he looks darker and more defined.


2 years old
There has been hardly any change for this gecko, his patterns are still somewhat in bands, but overall he has become more yellow, with even the pinky areas fading to a more yellowy hue, and the orange colours spreading further down his tail.


As you can see, their appearance changed a LOT over the first few weeks, and I’m so glad I took the chance to photograph them loads to capture these changes!

For me, I noticed the biggest changes within the first month of owning my geckos, so I’m really glad I took the chance to quickly tame them within the first few days.

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