How to keep your leopard gecko warm when you don’t have a heat mat

How to keep your leopard gecko warm when you don’t have a heat mat

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Once you have your leopard gecko, there may be times you need to keep them warm when their primary source of heat (a heat mat) isn’t available, and when this happens, I have the perfect tip for you…

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Maybe you’re moving house, or your gecko needs to go to the vets. Maybe you want to give them some extra heat when you’re handling them out of their vivarium, especially if you live in a colder climate.

These handy little heat pads are perfect to keep around. You can re-use them so many times, simply by boiling them in hot water. When you need to use them, you simply snap the metal thing inside and you have instant heat wherever you are! I love them and have about 4.

This handy heat source is also great as a backup in case you have a power cut, or if your heat mat for some reason stops working. In fact, I used it myself when I was transporting my geckos from the breeder’s house in Essex back to my flat across London.

They can get quite hot, so I cover mine with a towel or some fabric. They shouldn’t be used as a replacement for underfloor heating in a vivarium, but they’re a great backup option for when the vivarium heat isn’t available.

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