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AMA – ask your leopard gecko questions here

If you have questions on anything leopard gecko-related, then please ask away in the comments below.

I was getting so many questions through my contact form; they are often very similar and take quite a lot of time to reply to individually, so by publishing your questions in the comment section here, you’ll be able to get the answer you need and also see what others have asked 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a vet, just a leopard gecko owner who wants to share knowledge with other owners. If you believe your leopard gecko is seriously unwell, then please seek veterinary care and advice.


  1. I adopted a sickly leopard gecko from a local pet store. First off I will say I didn’t buy him, they let me adopt him because he was just failing to get better and they didn’t have the right set up. I’ve had him now for a little over a month and he has little improvements. Should I be seeing a lot more ? He isn’t interested in eating really at all, I tried to force feed him but he is strong enough in that way to not let me. Or he rubs the mixture off his nose when I drop it on. He ate 5 meal worms in a month of having him. And possibly a few bites of the food I’ve been leaving out for him since he is pooping. But is not gaining any weight. He also came to me improperly shedded and now only opens one eye. He gets a warm bath twice a day, and can open the other eye a bit in there but shortly after it is closed again. Our vet in our community is low on staff and isn’t taking really any appointments just emergencies & won’t see me. He drinks water, has a moist hide and dry hide, warm side is 90-95, has a uvb bulb and a heat mat. Not sure what else I possibly can do? He doesn’t want crickets or worms when they’re infront of him he closes his eyes, but is active in his tank. He looks like he has stick tail but will that improve? Thank you


    1. Oh the poor little guy, you have done so well to care for him. It’s really hard to advise on and I wish I could help you more.
      In the short term maybe it would do some good to feed him wax worms to fatten him up, and dab a little calcium and vitamin D3 powder on them?
      As for his shedding problem, it must be so hard to get it off his eyes. Have you tried creating a sauna for him (a humid Tupperware box that he can’t escape from – I wrote about it more in my shedding blog post) and then trying to pick the skin off with your finger nails once it’s softer?


      1. Thank you so much for the reply. It’s so frustrating because I feel like I’m doing everything possible to help and it isn’t helping a ton. His eye that struggles to open, there’s no skin visible or anything I can see the remove from his eye so I’m worried it’s deep in his eyelid that it stuck or bothering him, I’ve tried wiping it really well with warm Kleenex and he lets me because it feels good. I’m going to try maybe morning afternoon and evening saunas. Also I didn’t try wax worms but tried solider fly larva and he’s not interested at all, also tried pinhead crickets. He shows zero interest in food ever 😦 it makes me so sad. Maybe he is still adjusting to a good environment?:( ugh


      2. Yeah maybe, and I imagine it’s all quite stressful for him. I wonder if maybe he’s impacted on top of everything else? Maybe when you’re bathing him try and rub his belly.
        Have you tried the method where you crush up a bug and dab a tiny little bit onto his nose or mouth area, so that he licks it off?


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