How often do you need to feed a leopard gecko?

How often do you need to feed a leopard gecko?

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Learning about feeding leopard geckos can be tricky – once you know the benefits of the different types of feeder insects, you then need to figure out how often you should feed them, and in what quantities.

Unfortunately, this can vary dramatically between different geckos, and as you become a more experienced gecko owner you’ll begin to understand what suits your gecko best, however for new owners there are few rules of thumb that should help you get started.

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IMG_6840Baby leopard geckos tend to eat more frequently than adults. In their first year of life, my leopard geckos would happily eat every day, but as they got older they became more fussy about what they would eat and how often they would eat it.

Try feeding baby leopard geckos every day, and give them several insects in each feed. They usually stop eating when they’re full and I have never known my geckos overeat.

I would usually give them around 8-10 smaller insects (mealworms, nymph dubia roaches, phoenix worms) in one sitting, and if I found this to be too much, I would reduce the number next time. For locusts, I would feed these 1 or 2 at a time, because my geckos aren’t the best hunters, and I didn’t want uncaught locusts hopping around the vivarium and bothering my geckos.

Now my geckos are older and lazier, I find that they do not want to eat more than 3 times per week, and this is reduced even more if they happen to shed that week. This is nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal and due to their metabolisms slowing down with age.

To begin with, I would suggest:

  • Under 1 year old: Every day – try up to 10 small insects
  • Over 1: A few times per week – slightly larger insects are ok – usually 6-8 insects but adjust this as necessary

However it is important to use your own judgement as well, as all geckos are different and multiple things can affect their appetite and preferences when it comes to eating. If your gecko is consistently eating all the insects you give him/her, then try feeding a few more next time, and if your gecko never finishes 10 insects, then next time try 8.



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