Komodo Flexi Stix Review

Komodo Flexi Stix Review

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I love to change things up in my geckos’ vivariums, as it’s great to watch them explore their new environment and they find it interesting and stimulating when something new is introduced. Surprisingly, I find leopard geckos to be very curious and brave little reptiles!

For ages I have wanted a tall platform for my gecko Charizard’s vivarium, as he loves to come out in the evening and watch what’s going on in the living room, but everything I found would be too encroaching on the rest of his space (my vivariums are 60cm/ 23.5″ in length, 40cm/ 15.5″ depth).

Komodo flexi stixI have always liked the look of Komodo’s basking ramps, but the dimensions were wrong for what I needed, but then I came across Flexi Stix (also by Komodo), and I was super excited to learn that not only do they come in three sizes (S/M/L) but they can be bent into whatever size or shape you like.

I chose Medium (18 x 27 x 2 cm) and bent it into an arch shape, allowing Charizard to have a good sized platform to stand on, while also making sure he has ample floor space and doubling up as an additional hide.

It can also be bent into a tunnel-shape or an S-shape, with varying degrees of height, so I will be able to change it whenever I like – it’s like having three products in one!

Komodo Flexi Stix, Large

So far it seems very hard wearing, and the weight of my adult leopard gecko does not bend it out of shape (you would need significant force to bend it, so I have no worries about it sinking under his weight), and I was surprised to find that there were no sharp splinters, however I would recommend that you check for yourself before you add one to your enclosure.

My leopard gecko seems to like his new platform, he has been sitting on top of it, leaning against it and hiding under it since I got it, so overall it has been a great success.

Finally, this wasn’t even expensive! My medium sized one was an absolute steal at less than £5 from Amazon, so I’ll probably ending up buying a second one for my other gecko as well.

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