The best things about owning a leopard gecko

The best things about owning a leopard gecko

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I have previously written a post which includes what people wish they had known before getting a leopard gecko (read here), so I thought I should to write one detailing some of the best things about owning one…

I reached out to my Instagram followers for some of their favourite things too, and I have to say I agree with all of them!


Their “smiling” faces

@elisabeth_or_liz “how they look like they’re smiling all the time and it’s just so cuteeee and makes me happy”

@kaitlynspets When they have their head raised and eyes closed and the biggest smile on their face

@leopardgeckocare They look so human in so many ways. They have 5 fingers/ toes like we do, have a cute little smile, and they can blink their eyelids unlike many other reptiles, making them seem so expressive!

gecko lying down

The way they chill out

@maddiabbi18 I love how mine sprawls when he’s sleeping. Legs everywhere and usually his front leg up by his head

@cactuskai18 Sploots

@leopardgeckocare Mine go through phases of sleeping out of their hides, and I love to see the positions they sleep in, with their plump bellies spread out and arms and legs at all angles!


The noises they make

@maddiabbi18 I love how he chirps when he’s out of his tank and when he’s happy

@leopardgeckocare I think because it’s mating season, my gecko keeps standing at the glass looking at me and making a noise that sometimes sounds like “BEH” and sometimes “BLEP” more like a chirp


Their (usually terrible) attempts at hunting/ feeding

@maddiabbi18 I’d have to say my absolute favourite thing is when he sees a cricket and shakes the end of his tail right before he goes after one. It reminds me of when a cat shakes its rump back and forth before pouncing

@wombo.combo.wombat When they miss their food and look confused until they successfully capture it and eat it


Their de-stressing ability

@happy_gegcko19 I love mine, they give me kisses on my nose and love to try and climb on my nose and climb on my hair, they help me not to get too mad or stressed.

@mbisson81 Mine likes to cuddle my chest/neck area. They are easy to take care of and not demanding.

@riley.jamison “Bleps,” tail wags, smiley faces, snuggle buddy, funny sleeping positions. My boy never fails to make me laugh, the dork!

@laura_mae94 Whenever I take my little man out of his viv and put him up to my nose he licks it and I like to think it’s him giving kisses.

@phoebethegecko If I take my gecko out and let her roam around she runs back into my hand/ gets on my lap (probably for warmth but I’ll pretend it’s for love)

@zoe_thefatboi_ Mine stays on my chest for an hour and doesn’t move, it’s on me right now she so needs to go to sleep lmao


Their curiosity

@alexanderthegeck I love how they will sit in their tank and watch me walk around or sit with me and watch TV

@leopardgeckocare I love after I’ve cleaned their vivarium from top to bottom, they go crazy and active – they rub their scent and body all over everything and it’s funny seeing them climb under and on top of everything!

@motherofgecks Often times, my leopard gecko hears me when I come home and emerges from his hide to greet me and see what’s going on. Then he goes back to sleep.


And finally…

@poondas_art I love how silly my leo is. He is very comfortable with me but he startles easily/ seemingly over nothing. Like one time I opened the door and that startled him so he like ran into the top corner of his background. He also likes pooping on his background. And when I put my finger next to him he always licks it.

@guppygangrachel One of my leos thinks my toes are waxworms when I walk by, and the other completely lifts her hind legs off the ground when she goes to poo

In Summary….

Leopard geckos really are excellent pets, and I hope you enjoyed reading about the funny and adorable things they do.

Before getting one, please do your research, and make sure you take a browse around my different categories, where I have tried to include as much beginners’ information as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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