The lazy way to spot-clean your leopard gecko’s vivarium

The lazy way to spot-clean your leopard gecko’s vivarium

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Leopard geckos are super easy to clean, as the only regular cleaning you need to do is a spot clean of their droppings, and then do a full clean every few weeks. But I’m never going to pass up the chance to make the tiny task of spot cleaning even easier…

This is by far the best tip I have come across when it comes to caring for my geckos, and I’d like to give full credit to the YouTube page of LeopardGecko for sharing this amazing hack.

I use this as my “poop hide”

As leopard geckos tend to do their business in the same place every time, it’s easy to anticipate where all the mess will be (mine love to do it in their cold hide).

You simply lay a piece of kitchen roll there, and when it’s time to clean, you remove the kitchen paper and replace it with a new one!

I keep some dog poo bags by my vivarium, put the litter in bag, and then dispose. It’s so quick and hygienic, and super easy if you have a substrate such as vinyl.

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Step 1:

You will have placed a piece of kitchen towel in the area where your leopard geckos poop.

If there is poop on the paper, it’s time to remove the paper and change with a fresh piece!


Step 2:

Replace the soiled paper with a fresh piece.

I like to make sure it reaches up the walls, so it’s able to catch everything.

I find that the geckos go as close to the wall as possible when they poop, so this will really help you when it comes to changing the paper if it has caught everything.


Step 3:

Next, you need to carefully place the hide back on top, making sure all of the corners are lying as flat as possible.

You don’t want your geckos or stray insects using the paper towel as a hiding place!


Step 4:

Dispose of the dirty piece of paper. I put mine into a dog poop bag, tie it up and throw it in the bin.

I don’t want any germs going on anything, and this is a convenient way to achieve that!

This is my method to spot clean, however this isn’t the only way you should clean out your leopard geckos’ enclosures.

To find out more about how I clean my leopard geckos, take a look at How often should you clean leopard geckos’ vivariums?

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