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What is the best way to re-home my leopard gecko?

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Due to their long lifespans, many people take on the commitment of owning a reptile but cannot foresee circumstances in the future which may mean they can no longer care for their beloved pet.

Whether it’s a house move, ill health or children growing tired of their pets, there are many people left stranded with a reptile that they can no longer keep.

Unfortunately, some people choose to set their reptiles free in the wild, and unfortunately this will usually lead to them being hunted and killed, or being severely injured leading to a slow and painful death.

Options for re-homing unwanted reptiles are:

  • Selling on sites such as Preloved, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, eBay etc
  • Finding a local pet store, or reptile specialist
  • Contacting breeders in the area

A great link I came across a link on PreLoved for reptile rehoming/ rescue in Basildon, Essex (United Kingdom) is below:

We would very much like to offer a personal and friendly home for any unwanted reptiles, Whether it be you can longer care for them or you are no longer wanting to own your reptile, We would love to offer them a kind, loving, forever home!

We have had many years of experience keeping and caring for a wide variety of different reptiles and other exotic pets.

Check below Rehome Buy and Sell Reptile adverts on PreLoved:

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