Why is my leopard gecko having shedding problems?

Why is my leopard gecko having shedding problems?

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Making sure your leopard geckos have the right conditions to shed is extremely important for keeping your leopard gecko happy and healthy, however the majority of owners will face situations where their gecko struggles to shed properly on their own.

If your leopard gecko is having shedding problems, it is likely to be due to their skin not getting enough moisture fro their environment, so their skin isn’t pulling off properly.


Leopard geckos should always have at least one moist hide in their vivarium – personally I make sure mine always have a moist hide in the cool side of their enclosure, and around the time they shed I will also add one to the hot side as well which creates a more sauna-like level of humidity for them.

You can also measure the internal temperature of the enclosure with a thermometer, and a hydrometer to monitor humidity levels (it should be 20%-40%).

If the tank isn’t humid enough, a spritz of water or adjustment to the airflow usually rectifies this.

You can buy water sprayers and thermometers/ hydrometers from loads of places, including Amazon, and they are very cheap. You don’t even need to go to a specialist reptile store for these items (and they will probably cost you more!)

It is worthwhile to keep an eye on your leopard gecko, as there are several signs that they are about to shed. If you notice these signs, it may be worth checking their enclosure conditions to make sure there is plenty of moisture in case they do shed.

Signs that they are about to shed:

  • They turn very pale
  • They hide away in their moist hide and don’t walk around much
  • They don’t want to be handled
  • They stop eating their food
  • They start rubbing their faces against things to loosen the skin

However, even though I provide two moist hides, and monitor the humidity levels, there are still some days that your gecko could still struggle.

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