Why these tents are perfect for your leopard geckos

Why these tents are perfect for your leopard geckos

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A while ago, I purchased one of these for my leopard geckos, and they have made my life so much easier!

This tent is by far the best thing I’ve bought for them (aside from all of the essentials, of course), and here are the reasons why:


  • The geckos are happy to be out of their vivarium for longer
    The tent gives them the shelter they instinctively seek, and gives them the option to explore on my lap if they wish
  • They are so soft and light
    So it’s comfortable for me too, I can sit with this on my lap for ages
  • They’re washable
    I can quickly wash this in water and reptile disinfectant, so no germs will live on it
  • They’re not expensive
    It only cost £12.99 from Etsy and she makes all sorts of nice fabric presents for your leopard geckos. Her Instagram is well worth a look (disclaimer: I am not getting paid to talk about this product!) 

What are your favourite purchases for your leopard geckos? Let me know in the comments below!


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